CSR Spring Preview: Quarterbacks

Cyclone Sports Report exclusively breaks down the position battles heading into next month's spring practice with Iowa State offensive coordinator Tom Herman. This segment looks at who will be the guy to replace Austen Arnaud as Iowa State's starting quarterback.

When the fall of 2011 rolls around there will likely be six scholarship quarterbacks on the Iowa State roster:

Junior Steele Jantz

Redshirt Junior Jerome Tiller

Redshirt sophomore James Capello

Redshirt freshman Jared Barnett

True freshman Sam Richardson

True Freshman Ja'Quarius Daniels

Cyclone Sports Report: It would seem that the likely starter for next season is either going to be Steele Jantz or Jerome Tiller. Do you agree?

Coach Herman: Certainly all four of the quarterbacks that will be participating in spring ball will have an equal opportunity to compete for the job. We will do everything we can to get all four of them as many quality reps with the #1's and #2's. Based on past playing experience the odds are making it seem like Jerome or Steele will likely be the starter.

Cyclone Sports Report: How have James Capello and Jared Barnett progressed in the last year?

Coach Herman: I can't say enough about how improved James Capello is from when he first got to Iowa State. He's making good reads and really is putting a lot more zip on the ball. Jared has now got his back issues healed up that kept him from taking control of the scout team last year. He's also really doing a nice job in his preparation for next season. These two guys will definitely have the same chance that Steele and Jerome have for the starting position but they both are definitely lacking in the experience department.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are your thoughts on the two new freshman coming in next fall?

Coach Herman: I think Sam and Ja'Quarius both have really bright futures but unless they come in this fall and are playing like Sam Bradford or Vince Young it's really likely that they would redshirt their freshman season.

Cyclone Sports Report: So what is your take on Steele as this point?

Coach Herman: He's really focused and intense when it comes to football. Besides his classes, all his focus is on football right now and I really feel that if one wants to succeed at this level playing the quarterback position that they have to show the focus that he has so far. He's mature because he's a junior and is coming from a situation where he has started at the college level and had great success but right now he is obviously behind the three other guys on campus. Right now his main focus is getting an understanding of the offense and that includes a lot of things. He has to understand its culture and all the language that goes along with it. Then he's going to have to start putting it into action during the spring practices.

CSR: How is Jerome looking now that he knows that he will be having major competition for the starting job?

Coach Herman: I think us adding Steele to the mix has raised the bar and has definitely given him an added push. He's now starting to grow into the type of leader that we need. I have definitely seen a change in his demeanor because he knows that this is a true competition.

CSR: What did you like from what you saw when he got on the field this past season?

Coach Herman: I thought he was able to process the game without having that deer in the headlights look when he got out there against teams like Texas. The game was never too big for him and I thought he did okay on that stage.

CSR: What does he need to improve on heading into the spring?

Coach Herman: I think Jerome would be the first to tell you that he has to be more accurate and show a little more poise in the pocket. He has to understand that he has to make the right decision every time and most importantly in the spring start to instill a confidence in his receiving unit.

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