Luke Knott becomes a Cyclone

Lee Summit's (MO) High School's Luke Knott pretty much knew for a month that he wanted to be an Iowa State Cyclone but he wanted to do things in person so he waited until Saturday afternoon in Ames to pledge his commitment to head coach Paul Rhoads.

"I told my brother (Cyclone Jake Knott) that I was pretty sure about a month ago but that I wanted to do it in person," said Knott. "So I came up for spring practice today and afterwards I committed to Coach Rhoads. It was great because everyone was excited."

Luke told CSR that Coach Rhoads was a huge reason for his early commitment.

"He brings an intensity that is 100-percent and he just has a love for football," said Knott. "He was the first coach at a major school to offer my brother a chance and he was the first coach to do the same for me which really shows the faith that he has in both of us."

The 6-foot-1, 185-pound quarterback also can play wide receiver and safety. He said that the Iowa State coaches have told him that he can make that choice when he gets to Iowa State.

"Coach Barkema and Coach Herman told me that I could choose one of the three that I think I will fit well at to start with," said Knott. "Then if I do well at that position then I'll stay there but if it doesn't look like I would play as much then I'll switch to one of the other positions."

So what did the Iowa State staff like so much about Luke Knott?

"They told me that they like that I'm a well-rounded athlete and that they feel I have good character on and off the field," he said. "They said that they really liked what they saw of me during my junior season and that they feel like I'm a winning athlete that should fit well in the program."

Luke said that while his brother being at Iowa State was a factor it was not the ultimate factor.

"What was most important was not that he was just at Iowa State but that he was having success," said Knott. "Once I saw that, I knew I could go there also have success if I worked hard. I wasn't as sure with the other schools."

Luke said that joining Jake at Iowa State will allow them to do something that they didn't get to do in high school.

"I never got to play with him in high school so for us to have that one year together at Iowa State will be a fun experience," he said. "He's really excited for me and whenever he comes back home we always work out together and he always pushes me to do more reps and to just always work as hard as possible."

So what do Luke's parents think about him joining in Ames?

"I told my mom before I left and she was ecstatic and my dad was just as thrilled," he said. "They can't wait to see us together at Iowa State and also it will be less traveling for them so I know they are happy about that also."

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