Meet Matt Abdelmassih

Iowa State assistant coach Matt Abdelmassih talks with Cyclone Sports Report about his promotion and his expectations heading into next season.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is the main reason that Coach Hoiberg told you that he wanted you to to move up to be one of his main assistant coaches?

Coach Abdelmassih: He feels that I earned it last year and I'm just excited that I was able to help out. When he first got hired and I came with him I was helping doing a lot of the recruiting before the other two assistant coaches were hired and I was able to help bring in Royce White and Tavon Sledge. Royce was a kid that we knew about from being up in Minnesota and when Fred mentioned that they would be looking for a point guard I knew about Tavon back in my home state of New York because I always keep up with what going on back there. I felt he fit in with how we play and he's a great kid who will bring a lot of energy and passion. Iowa State has had a lot of success with New York players in the past and I hope to make sure that continues. Getting the Chance Early on to help recruit gave me a lot of confidence that I could do this job and the biggest thing is that Fred was willing to put his trust in me which meant a lot.

Cyclone Sports Report: What did it feel like to know that all your hard work for him with the Timberwolves and at Iowa State was now paying off with this offer?

Coach Abdelmassih: It felt great but the biggest reason I'm here and the reason that I had moved to Minnesota before was Fred. He's a great coach but he is also someone that is amazing to work for. The thing that I love about this staff is that there is a lot of trust and loyalty and the chemistry is just great. He gave me the chance to try and prove myself last year and he also instilled a lot of confidence in me and I really think we are heading down the right road.

Cyclone Sports Report: What will be your main role?

Coach Abdelmassih: Right now it is to recruit as hard as possible and to get players here. I'm very confident doing it and I look to help as much as possible with the X's and the O's over the next year. I also am ready to do anything Fred needs and he knows that I'll be a sponge soaking everything up and that I'll be ready for anything that he needs done.

Cyclone Sports Report: A lot of people feel Iowa State has a very solid chance at big success next year. Do you agree?

Coach Abdelmassih: I think the pieces are there to really make some noise. Last year we really lacked depth which hurt us in a lot of close games. I don't think that will be a problem this year. We'll have more Big 12 bodies and overall the guys are really hungry to have a lot of success next season. It's a great group of guys that are really close and if they work hard we will definitely be moving in the right direction.

Cyclone Sports Report: How have you, a New Yorker, adjusted to Ames, Iowa over the past year?

Coach Abdelmassih:

I love Iowa and I actually got to come here twice scouting with Fred before we ended up at Iowa State together. The first I noticed was how genuine the people are and they have just been so hospitable to me. Many people early on had me come over to their house for a meal or something which is not something that happens often in New York. I just really like the passion and loyalty that is shown by Iowa State fans. It's a slower pace and I like that but most importantly I'm working for Fred and that is the main reason that I'm at Iowa State.

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