Meet Cornell Mann

Cyclone Sports Report talks with former Dayton assistant coach Cornell Mann about joining the Iowa State program.

Cyclone Sports Report: What do you think was the most important factor was that led to Coach Hoiberg wanting to add you to his staff?

Coach Mann: I don't think that there was just one factor but he told me that he felt that I might be the missing link for what he needed to add to his staff. He also felt I could really help the team with its defense and rebounding.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why did you choose to accept his offer?

Coach Mann: I chose to go to Iowa State completely because of Coach Hoiberg. He is really an uncapped talent and I just think he's a real sharp guy that I can learn a lot from. I really feel he's got what it takes to take this program where he wants it to go. I'm just here to help Coach Hoiberg and I'm going to try and do the best job that I can.

Cyclone Sports Report: You are already considered a very solid recruiter. What do you feel you do best as a coach from a teaching standpoint?

Coach Mann: We haven't talked about all the things that I'll be doing but he knows that teaching defense and rebounding is a strength of mine. Every staff needs something and in my mind I feel I bring some intensity in those areas.

Cyclone Sports Report: Many people feel that with the players that this staff has brought in so far that Iowa State has a chance to become one of the best teams in the Big 12. What are your thoughts on the direction that Iowa State is heading?

Coach Mann: I think there is no question that this program is heading up and I'm just going to work as hard as possible to keep it going in that direction. Coach Hoiberg has really pushed it in that direction with his hiring and his recruiting. Of course this is not an overnight situation but he is definitely putting the program together in a way that it should be successful for a long time.

Cyclone Sports Report: Most of your experience with basketball playing and coaching has taken part in your home state of Michigan and Ohio. Is that where you will do a lot of your recruiting?

Coach Mann: I might do some there but I definitely wouldn't say that I'll only be recruiting in those two states. I have worked my tail off at my other jobs recruiting in other states like Illinois and Indiana and really every state is untapped until we tap it. There is not just one area that I'll be recruiting because the bottom line is we're looking for Big 12 players and we need to go wherever it takes us to find the right guys to play for Coach Hoiberg.

Cyclone Sports Report: Does it help that you already knew fellow assistant coach T.J. Otzelberger pretty well before getting hired by Coach Hoiberg?

Coach Mann: I think it does because it helped to create a better curve. I already had a good relationship with T.J. and now we get to work together with the common goal of trying to make Iowa State the best that it can be.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are your early thoughts about life in Ames and coaching at Iowa State?

Coach Mann: I really like it and I feel blessed to be in a community with wonderful people who have been so welcoming to me. It's really a great city and I look forward to being here and being a part of the community.

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