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  • Already a hit with members, the Recruiting Yearbook spotlights the work of the top recruiting scouts in the country, all of whom offer minute-by-minute, commitment-by-commitment online coverage for From Jamie Newberg's national perspective, to Scott Kennedy and Tom Culpepper in the southeast, David Garvin, Josh Clark and Stacey Dean in the heartland, Mike Bakas and Miller Safrit in the Atlantic, Steve Curry in Pennsylvania, Duane Long in Ohio, Chris Pool in the midwest, Chris Fetters in the northwest, Greg Biggins and Student Sports in the west, offers the best zone and man-to-man coverage of the country's top football prospects. Plus it has exclusive access to official Nike Training Camp data. What's more, the incomparable Dave Telep and West Coast guru Tracy Pierson serve up the best dishes on basketball recruiting.

    A free subscription to the Recruiting Yearbook, which includes the pre-season issue and post-signing-day wrapup edition, is a benefit to annual Total Access Pass holders who subscribe to their favorite college, recruiting, expert or high school sites. Fans at NFL team sites can choose the team magazine (if available) or The Sporting News.

    Total Access Pass subscriptions can be purchased by clicking the link below, or at your favorite team site.

    Get The Sporting News With Total Access Pass!

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