Iowa State lands Okoro

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Bronx St.Raymonds (NY) High School forward Nkereuwem Okoro on what led to his decision to commit to Iowa State this past weekend.

Cyclone Sports Report: Why did you choose to end your recruitment this past weekend by committing to Iowa State?

Nkereuwem Okoro: I always had a good feel about Iowa State going all the way to when they started recruiting me. But I wanted to take the time to review the situation with my coaches and family to make sure I was on point. During the extra time that I took Iowa State kept bringing in good recruits so it just made it easier for me to commit to become a Cyclone this weekend.

Cyclone Sports Report: How excited are you that you will be playing much of your Iowa State career with at least two other east coast players?

Nkereuwem Okoro: I'm very excited to play to with Georges Niang and Tavon Sledge. Tavon is also from New York like me and he has been in contact with me for a long trying to get me to go to Iowa State. It's going to be a lot of fun to play with those guys.

Cyclone Sports Report: You have mentioned how much respect that you have for Coach Hoiberg every time that we have talked about Iowa State. So how does it now feel to know that you will be playing your college basketball for him?

Nkereuwem Okoro: It is truly an honor to play for someone like Coach Hoiberg. When I visited Iowa State I was truly overwhelmed to see how the city and the school support him. The fans really love him and I can't wait to play for him.

Cyclone Sports Report: Most people expect Iowa State to become a highly competitive team beginning this season and continuing for a long time due to the players that Coach Hoiberg and his staff have recruited during these past two years. How much of this was a factor in your decision?

Nkereuwem Okoro: It was really big because I want to win in college and with the recruits that he is bringing in we should be a very good team. I know Coach Hoiberg will keep the team focused and if we work hard I know we'll have lots of success.

Cyclone Sports Report: How happy are you to have your decision out of the way before the beginning of your senior year?

Nkereuwem Okoro: It feels good to have it done and so now I can spend my summer getting better. I want to work on improving my body and my perimeter game. Now I can just focus on trying to win a city and possibly a state championship. We came really close to a city championship two years ago when we made the semi-finals and now I want to win it all this year.

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you know when you will be coming out for your next visit to Iowa State?

Nkereuwem Okoro: I'm trying to come out as soon as possible. I hope it will at least be this fall and then I definitely want to make it out for a basketball game during the season.

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