2013 recruit set for visit to Iowa State

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Onalaska (WI) High School's Matt Thomas on his relationship with Coach Hoiberg, his game being compared to Scott Christopherson, and where his recruitment currently stands.

Cyclone Sports Report: What schools do you have offers from?

Matt Thomas: Iowa State, Creighton, UNI, and UW-Green Bay.

Cyclone Sports Report: Can you talk about your recruitment with Iowa State so far?

Matt Thomas: It started about three to four months ago with Coach T.J. (Otzelberger) and now I have been talking a lot with Coach Hoiberg.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does the Cyclone staff like the most about your game?

Matt Thomas: They told me that they feel that I fit their system real well with my shooting and ability to create.

Cyclone Sports Report: Is your game comparable to Iowa State shooting guard and fellow Wisconsin native Scott Christopherson?

Matt Thomas: Yeah, I would say a little bit in that we both are known as shooters. I know Scott pretty well and he's a great guy. I know a guy who coached T.J. and we have gone up for a couple Iowa State games and I have met Scott when I was up there. I think he'll be up there when I go for my one day visit this week on Wednesday to Iowa State. I'm really looking forward to going back up there as it should be a lot of fun.

Cyclone Sports Report: So you have been to Iowa State. What were your thoughts on Hilton Coliseum?

Matt Thomas: It's sweet and would be a great place to play college basketball. I liked it a lot and the fans are great.

Cyclone Sports Report: Does it help Iowa State's chances that Coach Hoiberg played the same position as you during his All-Big playing days and during his NBA career?

Matt Thomas: It's funny because some people have told me that I play like him which is a big compliment. I know he's 6-foot-4 and I'm 6-foot-2 but I guess our games are pretty similar. I would definitely be nice to have a coach like that in that he can relate to what I'm trying to do at my position.

Cyclone Sports Report: Have you been on any other visits?

Matt Thomas: Yeah, I took an unofficial visits to UW-Green Bay, UNI, and Minnesota. I also plan to visit Creighton at some point. I have also been to Wisconsin's camp.

Cyclone Sports Report: What are you looking to improve on during the summer?

Matt Thomas: I really want to improve my defense and work on getting quicker. My defense has gotten better but there is definitely room for improvement. I just overall want to become more explosive as a player.

Cyclone Sports Report: When are you looking to make a final decision?

Matt Thomas: I'm not sure when I'll make it because right now I'm just looking to build relationships with coaches. When I feel that I have found the right fit I'll make my decision.

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