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"I'm disappointed in the whole circumstances and what's going on with this program. I talked to (Eustachy) Monday night, late, on the telephone, and he just said that he had some problems, some real issues."
Latest controversy giving ISU publicity of negative sort
Des Moines Register

"I hope he's my coach next season, but I didn't get a great feeling from the meeting we just had, and from the meeting we had with other administrators. I don't feel like all the administration here wants him to be here next year as much as we as a team want him to be here."
Players don't get good vibe on LE's future
Des Moines Register

Good grief, what are you waiting for? Come forward, Larry Eustachy. Save your job. Face the microphones. Face the music. Face the state. Now. Your best option is to throw yourself at the feet of the public and do one of the following:
Fans have mixed emotions on Eustachy controversy
Des Moines Register

"Bruce Van De Velde told us he would do what is best for the university and the basketball program," said Vroman, who will be a senior next season. "We want them to do what's best for the basketball team, and that's to keep Coach Eustachy."
Eustachy's biggest supporters are current players
Quad City Times

Actions of coach casts negative cloud over ISU
Cedar Rapids Gazette

Cyclone players agree that Eustachy must stay
Cedar Rapids Gazette

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