Dorsey-Walker talks Iowa State visit

So how was the recent visit of Detroit (MI) Pershing High School's Sherron Dorsey-Walker to Iowa State? Only Cyclone Sports Report has this exclusive one-on-one interview on his two-day trip to Ames and how things stand currently with his overall recruitment.

Cyclone Sports Report: So how did your trip to Iowa State go this week?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: It went really good and I had a great time. The first day I played with the team and got to know them better. I didn't play too much because I had a sore back but it's okay and I'm playing again. Then on the second day I went all over the campus and saw the academic center and the arena. I really liked all of it.

Cyclone Sports Report: Is Coach Mann the main guy recruiting you for Iowa State?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: Yeah, I have known him since he was at Dayton because he was recruiting me there and then when he went to Iowa State I got a scholarship offer from them. We have a very good relationship has developed since early on.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your relationship like with Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: I got to talk to him in person for the first time during my visit but I have talked to him several times on the phone. So far it's really a good relationship and I just mainly am trying get to know him better.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does Coach Hoiberg like most about you as a player?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: The first thing is that I can shoot and he also likes my versatility in that that I can play the point guard and also the wing. He told me that they really want me and that he feels that I could come in and make an impact right away.

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you know Chris Allen or Korie Lucious?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: Yeah, I know them a little bit and I talked to Korie some when I was there. The guy I know the best is Percy Gibson because I have played against him the last three years.

Cyclone Sports Report: Is Percy pushing you hard to go to Iowa State?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: Yeah, he really wants me to go there. He told me he loves it there and that everything is really calm. He told me it's a great situation where he is working real hard and just getting better.

Cyclone Sports Report: Do you have a list of favorites and where do the Cyclones currently stand now that you have taken a visit to Iowa State?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: I don't have a list of favorites yet but Iowa State is definitely one of my top schools and they'll be in it until the end.

Have you taken any other visits?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: No, but I will be going to Minnesota, Michigan State, Baylor, and Michigan during August. I might also go to Florida State.

Cyclone Sports Report: When can we expect a final decision?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: I would say that I'll probably have made it before the start of my senior season.

Cyclone Sports Report: What will be the most important factors in your final decision?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: I want to go to a place where I can get better and I have to have a trust for the coaches. I just need to find a place where I'm very comfortable and where I can help them win.

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