Eustachy, Wife Address Media

Iowa State head men's basketball coach Larry Eustachy, with wife Stacy at his side, met with the media in Ames on Wednesday afternoon. Here is a partial transcription of the press conference.

Larry Eustachy:

"I'd like to start with a tremendous apology to Governor Vilsack, the Board of Regents, President Geoffroy, Bruce Van De Velde, the faculty at Iowa State, certainly the student body and the Cyclone national fan base for the tremendous embarrassment that I've created. That also includes the lady sitting right next to me, my two boys Hayden and Evan and my immediate family, and our players for sure. It hasn't been easy for them in the last couple of days. Words can't express the remorse I have that I've brought upon everybody. I don't think I'll ever be able to apologize enough."

"Yesterday I decided to tell my story, all the way to the point where I got on the plane sober for the first time in 25 years. I'm an alcoholic. I have not been recruiting. I have not been in a rehab center. I have been out of state seeking counseling. I have been alcohol-free now for the last couple weeks. I've realized I was an alcoholic nearly a month ago. I am certainly addressing the situation now, as recently as tonight and for the rest of my life I will seek counseling for this illness."

"I've always said that this will be my last job in coaching and it will be, one way or the other. I love this place. We love Ames. We love Iowa. I know again that I've vastly disappointed the people in Iowa. I will live with that forever. But I'm in a forward moment in my life. It's an exciting time for me, individually. I've been selfish for a long time. It's created tremendous ramifications, but I've started to find myself. With that, I find our family and the people around me really starting to form a much better relationship."

"I have no excuses for my behavior. I sit here in front of you as I am for what I've done. We'll see what happens in the future. I'm looking forward to the future as a sober person, and I don't use those words lightly."

"I can only tell you that I won't resign. It's not my way. I won't. I don't control those things. I believe in second chances. But time will tell."

"During the season, there was a situation that I had too much alcohol at home and Stacy brought it to my attention. For the first time, it really hit home. I was in the selfish mode, but it hit home. It was shortly addressed, and then the season got going. I addressed it after the season. I procrastinated. I want to say three and a half weeks ago, I was diagnosed by a professional as an alcoholic."

"What I would do is when the day was over, whatever time that was, I would drink. When my obligations were done to the team in a working manner, I would drink. I can't have two or three beers. I've got to have 10 or 12. When I do that, you see a side of me that is well documented. That's not who I am or who I want to be. But I am making no excuses. I'm where I'm at because of what I've done. I'm very clear about that."

"On Monday I talked to President Geoffroy and told him that I was an alcoholic and seeking treatment out of state. He was great and very supportive and wished me luck. I've had dialogue with Bruce Van De Velde today, but nothing specific."

"I addressed (the players) on a conference call and individually. I was straight up with them. You ask what triggered it, and what really triggered it was three and a half weeks ago when I had a meeting with Jared Homan. We talked about his involvement with alcohol. When he left I felt like the biggest hypocrite, which I was. I've told the players who I am and what I am, and how I'm addressing it."

Stacy Eustachy:

"I'd like to say something to President Geoffroy, Bruce Van De Velde, the regents and all the Cyclone fans and friends, and most importantly our boys, Hayden and Evan, and our Iowa State boys. I want to tell you I love this man. I love my husband. He's a good man and has the biggest heart. He's a kind and loving father. But he's learned he has a condition and he's an alcoholic. I am so relieved and proud of him that he came to that conclusion, has sought help and is committed to continued help. I'm totally behind him 100 percent. I'm totally behind this man."

"He's just a man. He's a human being like everybody in here. He makes mistakes like you all do and like I have. But he's stepped up to the plate and made himself accountable. That's a great example to our kids. If he was my son, god forgive him, I'd put my arms around him, support him and give him a second chance. After all he's achieved in his life and at Iowa State in his five years, can you imagine what he'd be capable of doing after attacking this condition?"

"He's given his heart and soul for five years, and so have I and our kids. I just want to say thanks to everybody. We love you all."

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