Van De Velde, McCarroll Statements

Ames-- Iowa State Athletic Director Bruce Van De Velde and Director of University Relations John McCarroll each read statements to the media Wednesday afternoon at a planned press conference in the Jacobson Building, in which they outlined Van De Velde's recommendation to terminate head men's basketball coach Larry Eustachy.

Bruce Van De Velde:

Good afternoon to all of you. Thank you for being here today. I have a prepared statement I'm going to read.

As you aware, I have been evaluating Coach Larry Eustachy's status as our Cyclone men's basketball coach. This evaluation became necessary upon receipt of information that Coach Eustachy had engaged in behavior that is inconsistent with the responsibility to conduct himself in a manner that reflects positively on Iowa State University and the university's athletic program.

Many of the specifics regarding Coach Eustachy's actions have been detailed in the local and national media over the last several days. We continue to receive additional reports regarding Coach Eustachy's conduct. I cannot comment on particular allegations of improper behavior except to say, as Coach Eustachy has himself admitted, that he exercised very poor judgment that has resulted in profound embarrassment to the men's basketball program, the athletic department, the university and the larger Cyclone family.

I cannot, and I do not, condone Coach Eustachy's behavior. Regardless of the reason, we have a right to expect better from such a prominent member of the Iowa State community. Accordingly, a university attorney informed Coach Eustachy's attorney at approximately 10:30 this morning that it would be my recommendation that Coach Eustachy be terminated as men's basketball coach at Iowa State.

Coach Eustachy's attorney was also informed that I planned to announce my decision at a news conference which would be held no earlier than 1:30 this afternoon. As Coach Eustachy's contract with the university requires, he was notified a short time ago of my recommendation by me. My recommendation has been sent to the appropriate administrative officer at Iowa State, Doctor Tahira Hira, executive assistant to the president. By contract, Coach Eustachy has five days to request a hearing before Doctor Hira. If such a hearing is requested, Doctor Hira will determine if just cause indeed exists to terminate Coach Eustachy. Doctor Hira's decision can be appealed to President Geoffrey. Pending resolution of this matter, I have notified Coach Eustachy that he is suspended with pay from his duties as coach.

This matter must now be handled in accordance with the process outlined in the employment agreement with Coach Eustachy. Until the process is completed, it would be inappropriate for me to make additional comments. I regret that I cannot answer additional questions at this time. But I must respect Coach Eustachy's right to see this matter proceed in accordance to the procedures agreed to in his contract.

My heart goes out to everyone that has been affected by this situation. I am taking this action in the best interest of Iowa State University and our student-athletes. Thank you very much.

John McCarroll:

My name is John McCarroll. I'm director of university relations. I want to clarify one element of the handout which you are now receiving which is a page out of the coach's contractual agreement with Iowa State University. And this is the clause that has to do with just cause for termination. There is a reference in there to his decision, if he so chooses, to demand a hearing and review. In the contract it reads that would be made to the vice president for external affairs. We no longer have a vice president for external affairs, that position was eliminated.

If you'll notice at the top, we've included Doctor Tahira Hira's name. She is an assistant to the president. The appeal would be made to her. She would conduct the review and hearing. She would make the decision. I wanted you to understand that what is in the contract, because some of you have copies of it, is no longer accurate in that respect. Again, she would make a decision. If there is a decision to appeal that, it would be to Doctor Geoffrey, the president of the university. Because both of them are involved in the process, Doctor Tahira first and then President Geoffrey likely, neither of them will be making any comment during this process.

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