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"This kind of activity is inexcusable. Iowa State and the athletic department will not tolerate this kind of activity directed toward student-athletes and their families."
Barnes suspended as assistant
Des Moines Register

"I know what he did wasn't right, but it wasn't worth firing him."
Some of LE's biggest supporters are students
Des Moines Register

It has disturbed me to watch from afar the spectacle that has resulted from the circulation of some photographs taken of Larry Eustachy by students at another Big 12 institution. I prefer not to debate whether Coach Eustachy's behavior was appropriate; instead, I would only attest to what I know about the man after spending a significant part of three years with him.
Shirley backs cause of his former coach
Des Moines Register

"If both those guys are gone, Coach Eustachy and (assistant) Steve Barnes, then big Damion's not coming. Big Damion told me no way. He told me that if coach Eustachy is there, he'll be there and hopefully that's the way it'll end up. He told me if coach Barnes is there that he may play for Iowa State."
Signed recruits have mixed emotions over apparent firing
Des Moines Register

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