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"Larry wants a second chance, and he wants to stay at Iowa State. We believe there is good reason why he should be given that opportunity."
Eustachy's appeal must be filed by Monday
Des Moines Register

"Larry would get a little wound up when he was drinking. His character would get a little more demonstrative. He would get more talkative. . . . The discussions would get more intense, and more challenging, whether about politics or sports or whatever."
Cyclone coach a complex man
Des Moines Register

"I think he deserves a second chance, but the main thing is that he gets his life in order. He has admitted he has an alcohol problem, and I respect that. He's really got a long battle ahead of him, and if he sincerely wants to put it behind him, which I believe he does, then he definitely deserves a second chance to coach at Iowa State."
One ‘Mayor' on side of Eustachy
Des Moines Register

The picture, snapped by Creighton University student Jayme Muehlenkamp of McCook, Neb., shows Eustachy and the two students, one male and one female, seated on a couch with Baker. The two students and Eustachy all are holding blue plastic cups.
Another photo surfaces of Eustachy at college party
Quad City Times

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