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"He really cares about these kids. He doesn't treat them like a piece of meat. He motivates by positive reinforcement.''
Morgan's name recognized one in recruiting circles
Des Moines Register

"We see in Wayne everything that we want in a new coach for men's basketball - honesty, integrity, exemplary moral character and a true genuine concern for the welfare and success of our student-athletes. Wayne made a commitment to me that he will always represent Iowa State University in a positive manner, and that he will be an outstanding ambassador for the university in everything that he does. We'll do everything we can to help him and the team be successful - to keep Hilton Magic going strong."
Current ISU assistant tabbed as next head coach
Des Moines Register

"I think we wanted to stay under $1 million."
Cyclone A.D. says money didn't factor in search
Des Moines Register

"Time will tell on (Morgan's) record, but I certainly wish him all the success in the world. My future support for the rest of the university will depend on what I see going forward.''
Boosters show support for new coach
Des Moines Register

"Let's put it this way - they have to talk to some professors. They have some possible recourse, and the situation may be salvageable."
First big problems retaining recruits, getting players eligible
Des Moines Register

"The kid is trying to do the right thing. He would have been loyal to coach Eustachy and coach Barnes. That's not a knock on coach Morgan."
Re-affirming Staples pledge huge for Morgan
Des Moines Register

"There was some in-fighting, so he tried to mold them as a team. Physically, he had them sleeping together the night before a game."
Keeler: Unity big on Morgan's list
Des Moines Register

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