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Morgan's first week a hectic one
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"I can't envision who I would take off this team. You go through training camp for two weeks with your group. They are the people that know what you're doing. You might say, `This person is a little better at this,' but they haven't been with your team. I'm a believer in giving the group you have the right to earn whatever they can get."
Wilson one of final three cuts made by Connecticut Sun
Hartford Courant

"More has been made out of this situation than needed to be. The Internet and talk radio has blown this out of proportion. The bottom line is this: Adam will be playing for Wayne Morgan at Iowa State."
Haluska decides on staying at ISU
Des Moines Register

"Everybody in their right mind would have been saying let's wait and see what happens. Why did I come to Iowa State? I came to play for Larry and the coaching staff I knew ... I think (all the players) in the back of their mind were thinking, 'I didn't come here for this, maybe it's time to leave.'"
One of Big 12's top freshmen of last winter remains in Ames
Ames Tribune

"It's kind of funny because I thought, here's a guy who's been at Iowa State 10 months and he gets the job. I've been here 12 years, went to six NCAA tournaments, three NITs and all that stuff, and I don't get the job."
Hallihan recalls events of Floyd's hiring
Omaha World Herald

"I had to look at where I was and where I wanted to be. I had to think about my future."
Cyclone forward tells D.M. station he's staying put
Quad City Times

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