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"To transfer to an in-state school wasn't quite as big a deal for me as it might be for Adam, just because I was from Illinois. He was a high school star here in Iowa, and he played more than I did (as a freshman). He's more recognizable than I was.''
Haluska follows Norman's path of several years ago
Des Moines Register

That said, the vapor trail on Haluska's transfer from Iowa State to Iowa still chafes a bit. Like the story that the Haluskas were promised a certain coach on the Iowa State staff, didn't get it, and well, see ya. Where Steve Haluska, or any Cyclone parent, would get off telling Wayne Morgan whom to hire is beyond me. And, no, just because it happens all the time, doesn't make it right.
Keeler: Move will have lasting effects on Cyclone fans
Des Moines Register

"I tried to hire coaches who can do everything. He can coach, he can recruit and deal with people. He's one of the bright young coaches in America."
Quartlebaum named to full-time post at ISU
Ames Tribune

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