Getting a Firm Grasp

As Iowa State prepares for the 2003 season, talk will once again surround the situation at quarterback. Waye Terry found himself out of the mix this spring when he broke a bone in his throwing hand, making way for Cris Love to beat out Austin Flynn for the top spot heading into the summer. CN recently caught up with Terry, who's taking part in summer workouts, for a progress report.

CN: It has to be quite a relief to be working alongside your teammates once again.

Terry: I had to sit back and watch everybody else play and go to work. You never realize what injuries can do to you until you have one. You overlook those things going into football seasons. Taking care of your body and eating right are important. You need to be careful what you're doing.

I'm really enthused going into this season. Going into two-a-days, I really have nothing to lose. I'm trying to approach it as if I have no pressure on my back.

CN: How frustrating was it seeing your spring end before it really started?

Terry: The day it happened I kind of had a moment of silence, but after that I looked at it as a learning experience in how to handle adversity. I'm going to have a lot of that during the season. I've moved on from it and learned from that adversity.

CN: Explain the process you went through in building up the confidence that you are finally healthy.

Terry: I went through a lot of therapy and stuff. It's been more mental than anything. I'm not worried about hurting my thumb again when I go out and practice. It was a freak accident. My arm feels as strong as when I left spring ball, so I don't think I'll have any problems.

CN: When did you get to that point?

Terry: I've been throwing since late June. I took it slow at first, but it was tough to not go hard when you're ready to throw again. I've been working it slowly.

CN: Cris Love narrowly beat out Austin Flynn for the starting role coming out of spring, this after you made quite a surge midway through spring ball. Coming off the injury, where do you see yourself in a three-way battle this fall?

Terry: In all honesty, I'm going to be at the bottom of the barrel right now. But I'm going in very confident and motivated. There is a lot at stake here, but the main thing is to stay relaxed. Before getting hurt, I was a little tense in practice and wasn't doing the things I normally do. Instead of going out there and reacting, I was thinking about it so much.

CN: You may think of yourself as the bottom guy right now, but what gives you the idea you can compete for and win the starting job in preseason practice?

Terry: Every single one of us thinks we can beat each other out. As a quarterback, you have to have that mindset or you won't be very good at the position. If I do what I'm supposed to do, I'm very confident about getting the job.

CN: What are you doing this spring to return to your previous form?

Terry: The arm strength and all that is always going to be there, so my main focus this summer has been working on accuracy, throwing deeper routes and long balls. It's been more touch passes. I've been doing 7-on-7 and some individual work, too, going to the rec center or field to get my timing down. I've been throwing randomly to Jamaul Montgomery, James Wright and Jack Whitver.

CN: You will obviously have to guard against pressing too much when practice begins, right?

Terry: I have a sense of urgency right now, but my main focus needs to be playing relaxed. If I go in there knowing I have to do this and that, I'll be tense. If I go in there relaxed with a little bit of urgency, I'll be fine.

Waye Terry's injured thumb caused him to miss part of spring practice, but it's now fully healed. (Photo/CI Steve)

Waye Terry is looking forward to the challenge of competition for the starting quarterback position. (Photo/CI Steve)

Waye Terry is all smiles as he prepares for the 2003 season. (Photo/CI Steve)

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