Summer Workout Gallery: Part 1

In what has become a July tradition from photographer CI Steve, Iowa State fans get their football fix with a close-up look of summer workouts. Here's the first of two photo galleries.

First-year man Ron Prelow has made quite an early impression.

Hiawatha Rutland prepares to lift in front of Matt McGettigan's keen eyes.

McGettigan instructs Hiawatha Rutland.

JaMaine Billups has been one of the most impressive lifters in any group.

Rutland strains as McGettigan watches

Rutland still straining as McGettigan watches him lift

Matt McGettigan signs Lane Danielsen's workout sheet

Freshman Brent Curvey is getting a head start.

Kenny Segin lifts as McGettigan watches.

McGettigan instructs Todd Miller

Another shot of McGettigan instructing Miller.

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