Summer Workout Gallery: Part 2

In what has become a July tradition from photographer CI Steve, Iowa State fans get their football fix with a close-up look of summer workouts. Here's the second of two photo galleries.

Jordan Carstens arrives for his workout.

John Tjaden is starting to put some weight on his 6-foot-7 frame.

Harold Clewis confers with an assistant

Matt McGettigan adjusts the weights for freshman Brent Curvey.

Collin Menard is having a solid summer.

Lane Danielsen watches his teammates lift.

Marc Timmons listens to McGettigan's advice.

Erik Anderson is digging in for a fall battle for playing with Nik Moser.

Matt Robertson is developing into a physical speciment.
Hiawatha Rutland does some heavy lifting.

McGettigan goes over some charts in his office.

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