Summer Workout Gallery: Part 3

It's the busiest time of the year for strength and conditioning coach Matt McGettigan and one of the most critical times for the players as they continue summer workouts. Check out this latest in our series of photo galleries to see how your favorite players are "shaping" up.

Nik Moser and Ron Prelow wonder 'Who's Got Next?'

Tyson Smith watches as Rashaad Rasberry adjusts weights.

Brian Thompson lifts as JaMaine Billups encourages him.

Matt McGettigan makes sure Matt Robertson uses proper technique.

Brandon Cook is not your usual 18-year old.

Prelow lifts weights.

Matt McGettigan analyzes Tyson Smith's technique.

Matt McGettigan gives some pointers to offensive lineman Cale Stubbe.

Ron Prelow gives his knees a workout.

Young quarterbacks Bret Meyer and Kyle Van Winkle get some work.

McGettigan watches Erik Anderson.

True freshman Jason Berryman works on his leg muscles.

McGettigan watches with a keen eye.

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