Summer Workout Gallery: Part Four

It's the busiest time of the year for strength and conditioning coach Matt McGettigan and one of the most critical times for the players as they continue summer workouts. Check out the latest in our series of photo galleries to see how your favorite players are "shaping" up.

One of the leanest Cyclones, Anthony Forrest has excelled in conditioning.

(From left) Brandon Brown, Chris Whitaker and Jordan Carstens take a breather after wind sprints.

Quarterback Cris Love does some running.

Cornerback Ellis Hobbs proves he's in peak physical condition this summer.

Forrest does some stretching exercises prior to running.

Running backwards is no easy chore, just ask Hobbs and tailback Stevie Hicks.

The dreads must have made it a warm afternoon for Jamaul Montgomery

Cornerback Johnny Smith gets some work in before his senior season begins.

Is this a Big 12 tailback or what?

(From left) Josh Griebahn, Boyd Viers, Klayton Shoals and Tony Yelk get a break.

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