Summer Workout Gallery: Part Five

It's the busiest time of the year for strength and conditioning coach Matt McGettigan and one of the most critical times for the players as they continue summer workouts. Check out another in our series of photo galleries to see how your favorite players are "shaping" up.

Aaron Brant does some pre-conditioning stretches.

Brandon Brown sticks out in a crowd.

This had to be a difficult workout for Brandon Cook's knees.

Nick and Andy Leaders take a breather alongside Seth Zehr (far right).

Unfortunately, this is former Cyclone Lorenzo White getting ready for an NFL tryout, instead of prepping for ISU's season.

Lance Young may be his team's biggest deep threat, but he's also one of the more physical receivers on the roster.

Ron Prelow may be hurdling blockers like this one day.

This workout group huddles up around Matt McGettigan before conditioning.

Waye Terry and Jamaul Montgomery go through a drill.

Tom Schmeling is one of several freshmen on campus this summer.

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