Tech Week: Cyclones Roundup

Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads said Monday that quarterback Sam Richardson is "still hurting" and that he's "far from healthy

Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads said Monday that quarterback Sam Richardson is "still hurting" and that he's "far from healthy."

"[It is] challenging for him to get to 100 percent this season," Rhoads said.

Richardson tweaked his right ankle in the season-opening loss to Northern Iowa and was almost replaced the next game against Iowa as he had a difficult time even moving comfortably in the pocket, a problem which hampered his accuracy (56.4). He played well in the win over Tulsa and again in the loss to Texas, with 83 yards rushing.

Richardson will be made available to the media after practice either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Lalk a possible starter this week

Sophomore guard Jamison Lalk is back on the two-deep after spraining his MCL against Iowa. He's listed behind Daniel Burton at left guard, with Oni Omoile starting over Ethan Tuftee at right.

As always, however, it's a fluid situation.

"You're always competing for jobs," line coach Chris Klenakis said. "Anytime you sit stagnant and get comfortable you're not gonna get better. You gotta keep pressure on and keep competing to become a better offensive line and a better individual in that unit."

The line has been the hardest unit thus far to pencil in. No stat speaks more to that than the fact junior left guard Jacob Gannon has the longest active starting streak among linemen on the team, with six.

"Klenakis is the type of guy, you've always got to play with fire," junior center Tom Farniok said. "I wouldn't say [the younger players] are upstaging (the older players) really, it's just the way it works. Don't be surprised if Tuftee comes back and starts staring in a few weeks. He rotates people, believes in a rotation and that's how it works.

"People don't realize how much this line rotates, because nobody really pays that much attention to the line. People are gonna switch around, some are gonna take more snaps than others, but we've got a lot of people playing on the line."

Klenakis implied the Monday depth chart can never accurately foretell the coming week's starters.

"I know where we're at starting tomorrow, we'll see how we practice," he said. "If we were playing again tomorrow I'd know who I'd start, but we've got practice."

When pressed on the status of Lalk, and whether he would start over either Burton or Omoile this week, Klenakis said, "I don't talk about players that haven't practiced, it's not my policy."

Broomfield downplays illegal cutblock

Iowa State safety Deon Broomfield was the recipient of a late cut block by Texas wideout Mike Davis that went viral over the weekend.

After officials had already signaled a touchdown for the Longhorns on a Joe Bergeron run, Davis went at Broomfield's knees and was flagged for a personal foul.

Iowa State safety Jacques Washington said Thursday night after the 31-30 loss he thought Davis should have been ejected. The Big 12 did not suspend Davis for Texas' game this weekend against Oklahoma but did issue a reprimand.

Broomfield on Monday did not want to talk much about the incident, saying: "It is what it is, it was a bad play overall. It's been taking care of, though ... I was mad about it when it first happened but it's behind us now. There's no reason to reflect on it."

Davis told reporters Texas was in a run-pass combo play and that he was required to block in the event of a screen pass. Fellow wideout Kendall Sanders had the same movement but instead pushed Nigel Tribune on the back.

If we have another run-pass situation, I'd do the same thing," Davis said. "If the DB's loafing, he deserves to get cut."

Broomfield said he heard David said he was loafing.

"The running back was in the back of the end zone, touchdown had been called, I didn't have to hear the whistle, the play was [finished]," Broomfield said.

Should Davis had been suspended?

"I guess not," Broomfield said. "Big 12 said he shouldn't have so I guess he didn't do enough. If I had been hurt I would have been done for the season.

"We get cut all the time, taught to fight off a cut block. I just didn't see it coming."

Netten comfortable from 50

Cyclones fans nearly got their first look at kicker Cole Netten in the clutch Thursday night.

Had Iowa State picked about 15 more yards on its drive down the field — which ended with an interception — Netten would have had the chance to win the game.

Netten said he feels comfortable from 50 yards out and has one game-winning kick under his belt, a 25-yarder in high school.

Injury roundup

  • Center Tom Farniok expects to start this week, saying he wasn't bothered by his MCL last game but instead a stomach virus that kept him from practicing much during the short week.

  • The Cyclones are hopeful blocking tight end Ben Boesen (MCL) can play in two weeks at Baylor.

    The redshirt sophomore left Thursday's game against Texas with what Rhoads says is "a similar injury to [Farniok's]."

  • Tight end Ernst Brun is improving, Rhoads said. Brun has dealt with body cramps all season.

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