At the Half: ISU, Tech Tied at 21

Jeff Woody made one heck of an effort on his touchdown run to tie the game, 21-21.

Iowa State is happy to be tied, 21-21, with a slow-starting offense that racked up 11 first quarter yards. Jarvis West returned a kickoff 95-yards for a touchdowns to help the Cyclones keep pace with Texas Tech in the first quarter, and Iowa State also benefited from a missed TTU field goal and a muffed punt the Cyclones recovered on their side of the field.

  • Sam The DB Richardson forced a Bradley Marquez fumble with 1:14 left in the half inside TTU's red zone. The Cyclones chose the conservative route and ran out the clock, but the play at least prevented the Red Raiders from pushing ahead before the half.

  • The Cyclones at half time will have to figure out what to do about the off-and-on four-man pass rush. Blitzing hasn't been a cure-all, as Tech's receivers are winning one-on-one matchups with ISU's secondary, but Webb has unsurprisingly been at his best with time in the pocket. Willie Scott and David Irving have busted loose for a sack, but that doesn't quite tell the full story. The pressure has been lacking.

  • Jace Amaro has gotten his with six catches for 77 yards. Iowa State has been bracketing him with a safety and a linebacker most of the time.

  • Sam The QB Richardson has done more running than anyone thought, with a 38-yard on a zone read being ISU's longest run of the season. ISU scored on a traditional option play on the goal line, with Richardson making the correct read and flipping the ball to Aaron Wimberly.

  • Jeff Woody made one heck of an effort on his three-yard touchdown run to tie the game, 21-21.

  • West put ISU in position for Wimberly's touchdown with an impressive 15-yard snag right before the ball hit the turf. He and Quenton Bundrage are the only Cyclones to catch a pass as Richardson is 3-for-8.

  • ISU's 21 first-half points are its most this season. Nobody would have believed that to be a viable occurrence after the first quarter.

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