Baylor Gameweek: They Said It

"They're willing to take a chance. They play like they have nothing to lose"

Baylor (5-0, 2-0) coach Art Briles and a few players met with the media Monday to discuss the Bears' third Big 12 conference game Saturday against Iowa State.

"Anytime you get in conference play, anything can happen because everybody's got history with each other. We're playing people we've played for a long time, we recruit against, we've got history against, and we know a lot of their players and coaches and schemes and how they approach things from a philosophical standpoint. That blends to having these types of games you get into in conference play. They're a good, tough football team that plays extremely well."

Quarterback Bryce Petty

"I think we have similar offenses in a way. I think we've played Iowa State enough to where we kind of know what they're going to do. Again at the end of the day it's about Baylor for us. From an offensive standpoint, it's always about us going out to execute, us going out to produce the way we know how. It starts with practice the week before. It starts with game planning and watching film."

Safety Ahmad Dixon

"They're willing to take a chance. They play like they have nothing to lose. When you go up against a team like that, you have to know that they will be giving out the same shots as us. We are expecting our kind of trick plays and deep routes. We know they are going to test our secondary. Last year when we went up to Ames, Iowa, we didn't do a good job controlling the secondary. I'm not going to say that they destroyed us, but they had a pretty good game against us. We have to come back out and show them that this is not the same secondary we had last year."

Linebacker Eddie Lackey

"We know that [Sam Richardson] is a good quarterback. We have to play assignment sound and play our football. We just have to play our game."

Running back Glasco Martin

"I'm getting better each game. Lache (Seastrunk) is a completely different player than he was last year. The way I see it, our offense is limitless. Antwan [Goodley] and Tevin [Reese] are playing great. We can do anything we want to really on offense."

Linebacker Bryce Hager

"Our defense is growing. We can stop teams when it comes to that point in the game. When we need a stop our defense can show up."

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