Baylor 71, ISU: Quotes to Note

"That was a very good football team out there, and I have a lot of respect for those guys"

These quotes come from The Ames Tribune and The Des Moines Register, who were on the scene Saturday night.

Head coach Paul Rhoads"You don't lose a game like this with players. You lose a game like this as a complete organization. So it starts with examining your plan and why you went with it and why it's ineffective and then physically why things didn't get accomplished."

"We will study the true good and bad of mental decisions and physical play, go throughout the week and see what physical preparation takes place and make a decision (on the QBs) when they go out on the field next Saturday."

"I don't think there's another team in the country that has started six different (offensive line) fivesomes in six games. I would doubt that very much."

Quarterback Grant Rohach"It shows in the stats, in everything, the passing game and the run game. I thought we had good play calls, and I thought we would be able to execute them properly, but mistakes on the offense as a whole (cost us.)"

"I don't think (I played) very well. I think it's a reflection of the scoreboard, no matter how much I played, disappointing to take a loss like that."

Running back Jeff Woody"If you can find a positive through all this on the field, let me know."

Linebacker Jeremiah George"We didn't respond to the challenge and that's OK because we are going to continue working. We are going to continue to get better. That was a very good football team out there, and I have a lot of respect for those guys."

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