Messingham Not Worried About Grumblings

"Everywhere I've ever been you worry about that once the season's over"

Iowa State's offense, second-worst in the Big 12, has managed one touchdown in each of the last two games, adding coals to the already-roaring furnace under offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham's seat.

Head coach Paul Rhoads said Monday he wasn't going to concern himself with staff changes or reassignments during the season, saying there were plenty of things to reevaluate.

Tuesday, Messingham was asked about the grumblings from the fan base.

It's something that everywhere I've ever been you worry about that once the season's over," he said. "You've got your head in the staff room watching video and getting yourself ready."

Plagued by injuries at offensive line and quarterback, Messingham's offense — option runs, powers out of the pistol, short passes — has been ineffective. He said there is no time in-season to drastically have a change of philosophy.

"Schematically, you're always looking for something you'd say is something that fits what you do and is easy to implement," he said. "If that's the case, you'd put it in this week. But if it doesn't fit your schemes and is not easy to implement it's too much work. When the season's over, you go back and review. You truly evaluate what fits your personnel the best."

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