KU Gameweek: They Said It

"Their offense is fairly proficient, to tell you the truth.\"

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis met with the media Monday to discuss the matchup at Iowa State.

  • "I have a lot of respect for Coach (Paul) Rhoads and I know Saturday night is going to be a tough task. We're going up to Ames, and it's going to be a chilly night. They have a great crowd up there, it'll be raucous and it'll be senior night and they've had some tough losses, especially at home this year. They have a tough loss against Texas and a tough loss against TCU. Almost every week there's a lot of similar patterns that I see his year, where they've been close in game for quite some time, like they had Oklahoma in the ropes for a half last week, and gave up some big plays. I think coach Rhoads is the lifeline in that place, grew up ten minutes away and you can see that the team plays with the same toughness that he has. I have a lot of respect for Iowa State, and I know when I look at their defense and their middle linebacker who's making plays all over the place, reminds me of Ben Heeney. I watch him play and I watch Heeney play, and they look like copy-cat versions. At the end of the day, I think we have a tough task, but this would be another major hurdle for our program if we can get up there to Ames and come out of there with a win I think that would do wonders for us going forward."

  • "Their offense is fairly proficient, to tell you the truth. I think they're a ground to pound type of team. They're still averaging over 20 points a game, I don't think they've shown big fire power but I think they're very proficient getting down there and that's showed up."

  • "Their offensive line is one of the more athletic groups. I wouldn't say they're the strongest because there have been teams with more size, but there one of the more athletic groups up front with their offensive line. I think we're more of a try to play the physical group, especially after we put Riley (Spencer) in at left tackle and we went more with girth than the other direction. I wouldn't exactly say they're exactly the same. I think their offensive line is the mainstay, or the cornerstone, of their offense, to tell you the truth."

  • "Here's the problem that both teams have in both Lawrence and in Ames, it's going to be a little cooler there than here, but both places during the week, it will be significantly warmer during the week than on game day. It'll actually be winder than it ends up being by kickoff time. And you can't simulate a drop of 20 degrees or whatever it ends up being. The high for the day now is in the low 20s, with the low being around seven, so you figure if the sun goes down before five o'clock, you're playing at seven o'clock, then the odds are by kickoff it's probably going to be in the low teens, with wind chill which is supposed to be a little under 15 miles-per-hour. It's definitely going to be in the single digits, it's going to be chilly but they're going through the same thing because it's not getting colder there until Friday evening."

  • "Wind affects game plans a lot more than cold. Cold doesn't usually change a game plan dramatically, rain doesn't change a game plan dramatically, snow doesn't change game plan dramatically unless there's a lot accumulating on the field. Wind changes a game plan dramatically."

  • "The crowd will be geared up and ready to go. Players love [7 p.m.], the coaches absolutely hate it. We're just polar opposites. An 11 o'clock game? I'd take it every game. Now I don't know what fans like, they probably like something in between. They probably like the afternoon game. Don't have to get up too early and get home earlier. As players, I know they always like playing night games."

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