Hoiberg Talks OU Loss, Kane Injury

"Well we got our butts kicked on the glass. That's the bottom line. They beat us 22-2 in second-chance points."

Thanks to Bob Pryzbylo of SoonersIllustrated.com, here's the transcript of ISU head coach Fred Hoiberg's postgame interview after the Cyclones' 87-82 loss Saturday to Oklahoma.

On the status of DeAndre Kane

"He's getting evaluated right now. He just got a picture taken of it. So we'll see. It looked like he was making a play to the basket and I'm assuming that he stepped on one of their player's feet. I'm guessing that's how he turned it (ankle)."

On the discrepancy in 3-point shooting between the two teams

"Well we got our butts kicked on the glass. That's the bottom line. They beat us 22-2 in second-chance points. For the game, they shoot 40 percent and we shoot 52 percent and we end up getting beat by five. That shouldn't happen. They shot the heck out of the ball. There is no doubt about that, and obviously we didn't shoot the ball very well. Here we are with a five-point loss and having been outscored in second-chance points 22-2. That was the ball game."

On OU center Ryan Spangler

"He's a great rebounder. He does a great job of wedging and using his body in there. He doesn't have great explosiveness but he was the difference underneath today because of his ability to get them second-chance opportunities."

On the quick turnaround Monday against Kansas

"The big thing I told our guys is that this needs to hurt. We gave away a golden opportunity because we couldn't secure the rebounds. I thought we dug ourselves a hole early in the first half and early in the second half. Once we climbed back in it on the glass, we tied it in the first half after being down nine, I think at one point. In the second half we get down 13 and then take a lead because we pulled even with them (in rebounding) after being down 10 and then we get outrebounded by seven down the stretch. We have to find a way. Kansas is the longest and most athletic team in our league and they are playing good basketball. They did something we couldn't do. They came in here and won. We have to get ready. This should bother them and I told them that. We will start preparing for Kansas and that will be a very tough game."

On the offensive struggles late in the second half

"We did not execute on a couple of our actions that we were trying to run. We got up too high on the ball screens and I thought we confused them a little bit with their guys coming together. Not knowing if they were switching or not switching. That is when Melvin (Ejim) got the open shot. Give them credit. They had a good game plan and it's a game I'm sure they were talking about they had to win. Give them credit, they did."

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