Lee-Campbell Talks Mangino, Role in Offense

The fall recruiting period was a stressful time for Darius Lee-Campbell, but the dual-threat QB is happy with the hire of Mark Mangino, who he notes has a stellar track record with signal-callers

Spring (TX) dual-threat quarterback Darius Lee-Campbell, the No. 47 player at his position in the 2014 class, met new Iowa State offensive coordinator Mark Mangino for the first time Wednesday on school and home visits, along with Paul Rhoads and running backs coach Lou Ayeni.

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Lee Campbell spoke with AllCyclones.com on Thursday for a Q&A about his future role in the offense and his sometimes-bumpy recruiting road.

AllCyclones: So how'd yesterday go with the coaches?

Lee-Campbell: "It went pretty good. Got to meet Coach Mangino for the first time in person, got a good feel for him and my Mom liked him. And we like Coach Rhoads a lot, it was good to see him again. And Coach Lou, he's a good coach."

Q: You're going to end up at Iowa State, which is where you've wanted to go all along. But the path has been bumpy. You wanted to take other visits just to make sure, but those fell through. And then Chris Klenakis, you loved him and his offense, and he left. What have these past few months been like emotionally?

Lee-Campbell: "It's been kind of up and down. Originally I was supposed to visit in October and that fell through (because of a high school game the night before and an 11 a.m. ISU kickoff) and I didn't wind up taking a visit until after my season. Once I got on campus, I fell in love with it and knew that was the school I wanted to go to.

"My parents wanted me to take another visit just to make sure. I tried to set up a visit with Wake Forest but that fell through when they fired their coach the week I was supposed to go up there. Yale didn't work out because I need to get two more points higher on my SAT in order to qualify.

"After that happened, I saw it as a sign to go to Iowa State. When they hired Mangino, I knew it'd be [good]. He's had success everywhere he's been and turned some pretty average quarterbacks into pretty good ones."

Q: If Mangino at his introductory press conference said he'd be going spread, five-wide, dink-and-dunk, would that have been concerning?

Lee-Campbell: "Maybe a little bit, just because I like to use my legs and whatnot. But I'm a quarterback who can run and not a running quarterback. I'll fit the offense. If you need me to sit back there and throw the ball, I can do it. I'll use my legs to get out of trouble. I don't need to be in an offense where it's specifically made for me to run the ball."

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Q: I know you've gotten some attention recently — Boise State called, BYU came by but you declined to meet them in the offices. Have you heard from Klenakis (Lee-Campbell's primary recruiter when he was at ISU) since he got to Louisville?

Lee-Campbell: "No, I talked to him on Facebook a couple times after he left but nothing about recruiting me or anything like that."

Q: What'd he say?

Lee-Campbell: "The position he took at Louisville (run-game coordinator) is a better position than he had at Iowa State (offensive line coach). I understand. He's got a family to take care of it."

Q: You don't play basketball or track. How are you spending your time until you get to Ames in the summer?

Lee-Campbell: "After I sign Coach Mangino will send me film of things I need to learn. Once I get my workouts I'll be doing that and have some receivers here who'll be going to local colleges; I'll throw with them and stuff like that.

"And (ISU commits) Brian Peavy and Martinez Syria are five or 10 minutes away from me so I'll work out with them after Signing Day."

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