Q&A With Marvin Clark: 2014 Wing Has ISU Tops

Saturday, Iowa State hosted a 2014 basketball prospect who says he has something to prove after schools "bailed" on him following an injury: "They thought I wasn't going to be as good. It makes no sense."

The Cyclones hosted 2014 forward Marvin Clark on an official visit Saturday for their win over Oklahoma at Hilton Coliseum. Clark is serving a post-grad year at Sunrise Christian Academy in Wichita.

A native of Bel Aire, Kansas, Clark played a summer with ISU signee Clayton Custer on the MOKAN Elite of the EYBL. He was committed to Oregon but saw the Ducks back off after Clark fractured his right foot this summer.

The MOKAN stats show the 6-foot-6 Clark as having played in nine games in the spring of 2013, averaging 14. 3 points and five rebounds per contest.

Iowa State currently has two scholarships available for the 2014-15 season.

Clark talked to AllCyclones.com on Sunday about his official.

AllCyclones: What'd you think of your visit?

Clark: "I loved it, playing in front of that atmosphere every game, that'd be crazy."

Q: What did you like about Fred Hoiberg?

Clark: "I talked to Coach Hoiberg a lot. He's a good dude, man. I like that. He's an easy guy to talk to. His players are really close to him. Ultimately, that's what I want."

Q: What's your recruitment timeline looking like — with visits and then a possible commitment?

Clark: "I'm going to take my last two visits as quick as possible and then I'm going to make my decision."

Q: Where will you visit?

Clark: "Indiana and Ole Miss. I've already visited K-State and Seton Hall."

Q: Between the three you've visited, do you have a favorite?

Clark: "My favorite right now, I'm gonna say, would have to be Iowa State."

Q: What was the rehab process like coming back from your injury?

Clark: "Just work, man. Hard work. I was motivated, hungry, because I had a lot of offers before I broke it and then I broke it and a majority of the schools backed off of me. That made me hungry to continue to work. Our coaching staff has worked me, getting me in the gym and getting it done. I've improved my game a lot."

Q: How'd you break (your right foot)?

Clark: "I fractured it during a workout but I broke it in practice."

Q: Wait — how'd that happen?

Clark: "I remember when I fractured it. I didn't think I fractured it, it was just feeling weird. So I was like, 'Man, I'll be alright.' I played months on it and I was playing great basketball on it and it just broke on me."

Q: You were committed to Oregon, then the report was you decommitted. That was because of the injury?

Clark: "That was when I had just gotten back from my injury. They bailed on me, too, man [because of the injury]. That hurt me but I'm happy it happened then rather than now, later."

Q: Sounds like many schools thought the injury would be too much to come back from?

Clark: "I think so. I think they thought I wasn't going to be as good. It makes no sense. The injury I have is well-known to basketball players — the fifth metatarsal is commonly broken, like Buddy Hield at OU, he broke his. One of my teammates I played with last year and is at Ole Miss now, he broke his. It's very common."

Q: Did you talk to Hield about it [Saturday]?

Clark: "Yeah I talked to him yesterday in the morning before the game. I've known him [for a while]."

Q: You played with ISU signee Clayton Custer for a summer. Do you talk to him much about the recruiting process?

Clark: "Not lately, but I will."

Q: And finally, just want to confirm you have scholarship offers to everywhere you've visited?

Clark: "Yes sir, from every school on my list except Michigan State."

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