Rohach Talks Offseason, QB Competition

"The atmosphere is a lot different. When we walked out there for practice, all the coaches that had recruited me and been there my first two years are gone."

Following Iowa State's first spring practice Monday, sophomore-to-be quarterback Grant Rohach met with a few reporters.

Rohach is QB No. 1 for the Cyclones, at least at the beginning, earning the right to take first snaps after guiding ISU to consecutive wins at the end of 2013.

Q What was your offseason routine like?

Rohach "Yancy's pretty much been getting everybody big in the weight room. This is the time we're all gonna be the heaviest. We've all bulked up. This is the heaviest I've been and this is the heaviest Sam's been, too.

"A lot of Olympic lifts that are working on size for us."

Q And then you got to eat more than usual?

Rohach "Yeah, we've been on gain for when we have meal checks — always getting the gain cards so we're always eating a lot, they're making sure we're getting snacks in between meals."

Q What's the gain card?

Rohach "When you go into dining hall for breakfast check they'll have a gain, maintain and loss. So if you're trying to lose weight you'll get the "loss" card and it'll tell you what to eat."

Q So what's something that's a gain food?

Rohach "They don't like to change the food, it's the portions they change. So maintain would be one scoop of scrambled eggs and gain would be two to four, stuff like that."

Q Football-wise, what have you been focusing on?

Rohach "You can never not get better with technique. That's something I've really worked on. Our strength stuff will come with what we're doing with Yancy, so the small things."

Q Paul talked about decision-making with you. How much film have you watched?

Rohach "A lot. It's kind of hard to not watch film from last year because we've got nothing to go off of but studying our own tape. I'm studying myself and what plays I could have made out there. Even out [in practice] Mangino says, 'You made the right call,' but it's not as fast as he would have liked."

Q All the change, but you still have Coach Sturdy. What's he been like?

Rohach "Coach Sturdy's been great, adapting to all the players. And he's really into your own playing style ... that's what I like about Coach Sturdy, he's not gonna force anybody to change a fundamental part of their game."

Q How much of this spring is learning not only the plays but the new people?

Rohach "The atmosphere is a lot different. When we walked out there for practice, all the coaches that had recruited me and been there my first two years are gone. Learning all the coaches and getting them to know you, especially, is something we're still working on."

Q How different does it feel to be the No. 1 for now?

Rohach "It's a lot better position to be in. I"m a lot more comfortable. The previous spring it was almost like I was still trying to grasp the new offense. Even with the new offense I feel more comfortable out there on the field."

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