Iowa State's Best Shot

One of these guys is shooting over 50 percent from three-point land in March. The answer — DeAndre Kane — might surprise you. Inside, Kane talks about his improvement from downtown

DeAndre Kane rolls his eyes when the subject is broached, but how can you not ask about it?

In his first three seasons at Marshall, Kane had success rates of 31.8, 25 and 24.8 percent from the perimeter.

Now Iowa State's 6-foot-4 point guard, the Big 12 tournament's Most Outstanding Player, is hitting them at a 39.8 percent clip.

Might it be osmosis, just by being in the presence of Fred Hoiberg ever day?

"It probably is," Kane said in ISU's locker room after the 94-83 win over Kansas in the Big 12 semis, in which he made 5 of 6 three-pointers. "Just getting me in the right position.

"The repetitions, just working on my shot over the summer and getting in the gym. One of our [Graduate Assistants] Nate [Loenser], he really works with me a lot. He tells me I've got to jump more."

Kane vacillated from hot to lukewarm to cold from distance during ISU's regular season, shooting 40 percent in November, 35.3 percent in December, 34.8 percent in January and 28.6 percent in February. His success rate has soared in March, college basketball's most important month, to 55.6 percent (15-for-27).

Iowa State up 56-52 with 14:29 left against Kansas, Kane yo-yo'd the ball along the right perimeter, sizing up the Jayhawks' 6-foot-8 Perry Ellis, who had stepped up in defense. Kane squared his shoulders and fired a shot over Ellis' outstretched hands. The net snapped — 59-52 — and Kane ran back, making a three-point signal with his right hand by touching his thumb and index finger, then bouncing his hand off his head. Kane roared, which he did a lot of last week, releasing years of frustration with bellows and howls, and Kansas called a timeout.

"That's just me," Kane said of his histrionics. "It's the passion for the game, love for the game."

The Jayhawks never got closer than six points the rest of the game. Asked where his tide-turning three-pointer ranked in his career archive of best plays, Kane allowed a rare smile.

"It's up there," he said.

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