'Hello' From the Big Apple

NEW YORK — Checking in from the World's Most Famous Arena, where a day of media frenzy is set to begin

NEW YORK — Bunkered down at the Madison Square Garden media room, where James Dolan has rationed no more than two bananas per scribe, ready and waiting for today's practices and media sessions.

On today's agenda:

  • Who's guarding Shabazz Napier? Monté Morris on Tuesday said it'd probably be his responsibility to slow down UConn's All-American guard, especially late in the game when the Cyclones are saving DeAndre Kane for offense. We'll check to see if that's still the plan as Friday's tip (6:27 p.m.) draws nearer.

  • Given a week to prepare, and not a day, what has Fred Hoiberg cooked up for ISU's offense without Georges Niang? Again, Hoiberg said Tuesday he'd be beefing up his gameplan and installing more Niang-less actions, but let's see today if he's willing to divulge any of his secrets, such as whether more plays might be called for Dustin Hogue, a more frequent two-man game between Kane and Melvin Ejim appears, stuff like that.

  • Is anyone having fun? Yes, probably. Let's see how the players are liking Manhattan and if Dustin Hogue will be leading a convoy of Cyclones up to Yonkers.

    UConn, Virginia and Michigan State coaches and players will meet with the media, too, so we'll see if any good nuggets come from that.

    Video should be coming later in the afternoon and it better, because I didn't wear my sports jacket for nothing.

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