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Cyclones Scoop returns after a few weeks of March Madness coverage, bringing subscribers spring football updates and a recruiting notebook

We're back with a jam-packed Cyclones Scoop this week after some time off covering March Madness.

Inside, subscribers will find:

  • Spring football notes, including the progression of the quarterback rotation, a mystery name on the offensive line and one redshirt freshman who might be too talented to keep off the field.

  • An interview with top Cyclones QB target Joe Burrow.

  • Updates on Cyclones offers David Pfaff, Flynn Nagel, Scott Frantz and Alec Murphy.

  • The spring plans for QB target Taryn Christion.

    Cyclones Scoop is a popular staple of's Iowa State coverage. If you're not a subscriber, sign up for half the price of the competition.

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