Recurring DL Strife: 'Groundhog Day' For ISU

You know all about the offseasons of David Irving and Rodney Coe. To top that all off, No. 3 DT Pierre Aka is battling a concussion, leaving Shane Burnham with a pair of redshirt frosh DTs this spring. Head inside for more, including video

A trying offseason for Iowa State's defensive tackles took a new twist Wednesday night, with the revelation rising senior David Irving was snapped in a photo by the Iowa State Daily holding an uprooted stop sign during Tuesday night's VEISHEA riot.

Per The Ames Tribune, the Cyclones are aware of the photo. Said Paul Rhoads: "There have been no arrests made to our knowledge as an athletic department and football program.," Rhoads said. "We have had no kids involved in any type of behavior that is criminal. We will certainly follow up if any leads from anybody about any of our kids' involvement."

Irving is out of practice this week, rehabbing from surgery to repair a torn shoulder labrum. Irving was supposed to have company with the rehab, as Rodney Coe underwent the same surgery, but Coe was dismissed from the program in mid-March.

To top that off, Pierre Aka, who entered the spring as the No. 3 tackle, has been out most of the spring with a concussion.

That leaves the Cyclones plugging fourth- and fifth-string members Vernell Trent and Robby Garcia.

Oh, and did we mention nose guard? Incumbent starter Brandon Jensen retired after last season, cutting his career short by a year. Devlyn Cousin steps into the starting role. Cousin might have started anyway this season but, nevertheless, Jensen's loss leaves the Cyclones shallow on depth.

It's wearing on position coach Shane Burnham, who last spring did not have Irving and Coe in spring drills, either.

"Groundhog day," Burnham joked Wednesday night. He was not asked about and did not address the Irving photo.

Notable Burnham Quotes

  • On Devlyn Cousin: ""Dev, sometimes is like a jack in the box. You play that music — daduh, daduh, dadudadaduh- — and he goes straight up off the ground. At times he comes off and moves his feet. It's just consistency. But — he's probably ahead and more confident because he's played."

  • On Robby Garcia: "Loose hips. What he doesn't have is not a lot of strength. Doesn't knock people back. He's got to come out of his hips but I do see he's got a lot of football knowledge.. understands leverage and natural counters. I'm really excited about what he'll develop into."

  • On incoming JUCO linemen Dale Pierson, Terry Ayeni and Trent Taylor: "They've got to come in and contribute right away. We didn't bring them in here for any other reason. When we recruited them, we thought they might go inside, for a speed-package type deal. But now you look at some of the losses and youth, maybe one of those guys has got to go look at playing inside. We'll see when they get here."

    Watch the full video below:

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