Spring Game Smoke and Mirrors

Quarterback clarity after Saturday's Spring Game, in which Grant Rohach and Joel Lanning got most of the run with the starting units? Not so fast, says Paul Rhoads

Most years, the glorified scrimmage that is a spring game doesn't tell us much we didn't already know.

Iowa State's shindig on Saturday looked different from the start, Grant Rohach and Joel Lanning getting the bulk of the reps with the first teamers while incumbent starter Sam Richardson was the last of the three to get playing time and worked mostly with the third-teamers.

Clarity in the QB race? Nope, said coach Paul Rhoads. Just smoke and mirrors.

"Nothing in any kind of final form should be read into that," Rhoads said afterward. "Sam could get a bulk of reps Monday or Wednesday with the 1s or 2s. The thing about a quarterback rotation and getting guys reps, you've got to stay on that cycle a bit. And if it falls on this particular Saturday, it falls on this particular Saturday, then you roll to Monday, grade his film and see what shakes out."

Iowa State has two practices left, two practices to select the two top candidates. Offensive coordinator Mark Mangino wants no part of a race all the way until the Aug. 31 opener. The Cyclones will select two guys after Wednesday's final practice — whether they'll announce that is unknown — then will quickly try to find the No. 1 guy as August camp rolls around.

"Hard to get a separation [with three]," Rhoads said. "But with that in mind we will come out of spring with two leading candidates so we can better fit those reps come August."

Rhoads did agree Grant Rohach looked the part of starter. The rising sophomore was 22-for-38 with 171 yards and no touchdowns. The two interceptions Rohach tossed might seem like a cruel flashback to late October of 2013, but he looked like a different player.

"I would say Grant was probably the top performer of the day," Rhoads said. "That doesn't put him on top of the stack, necessarily."

Lanning, a freshman, went 7-for-14 with 44 yards and Richardson was 8-for-13 with a late touchdown and rushed for 37 yards in addition to his 55 through the air.

Worth Noting

Rhoads announced the dismissal of senior d-tackle David Irving, who was arrested this week in conjunction with the VEISHEA riots.

There are times a player, needs, deserves a second chance. There are extreme times when they may need a third opportunity. In the end, it's a privilege and an honor to be a part of this football program and represent Iowa State football, Iowa State athletics and Iowa State University. David Irving has exhausted that privilege … by not meeting the expectations we laid out for him."

  • Senior tight end E.J. Bibbs caught eight passes for 50 yards.

    Content to look forward to this week

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