Shenault Talks ISU Offer

The first Big 12 offer is in for 2015 Lake Park (Ill.) defensive back Antonio Shenault,

Lake Park (Ill.) 2015 defensive back Antonio Shenault has been picking up lots of new interest, and added his first Big 12 offer -- from Iowa State.

"Coach Lou (Ayeni) emailed my coach and told me to give him a call after school," Shenault said.

And when he gave his area recruiter a call, he got some good news.

"I was very excited," Shenault said. "Not only does the offer give me a chance to play BCS football, but an opportunity to play in the Big 12, which is a well respected football conference."

Shenault hasn't visited Iowa State yet, but there are several things that he likes in particular about the Cyclones.

"I feel like I get along with their coaches really well," Shenault said. "From what people have told me they have beautiful facilities. I'm looking forward to seeing them myself."

At this point, Shenault doesn't have a visit date set yet to see Iowa State.

"The only visit I have planned so far is June 1st to Michigan State," Shenault said.

There have been plenty of schools that dropped by to see Shenault during the evaluation period as well.

"This week was a busy one, Indiana, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Buffalo and Boston College have come by to the school," Shenault said. "And Miami Ohio, Iowa State, Buffalo and Eastern Michigan offered this week."

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