Broomfield Talks Bills

We catch up with former Iowa State safety Deon Broomfield, who's off to Buffalo for minicamp

Deon Broomfield, a two-year starter at strong safety for the Cyclones, graduated in December with a degree in Liberal Studies. Since then, life has been a whirlwind — he was hired as defensive backs coach at Ohio Wesleyan, spent the spring training and performed in March at ISU's Pro Day. The latest twist came Saturday, when he signed a free agent contract with the Bills.

Broomfield spoke with via phone Monday while waiting for his flight to New York.

AC: Were you expecting to be picked up as an UDFA?

Broomfield: "My agent was telling me there was a 50-50 chance I would get taken in the seventh round just from different teams showing interest, but the reality was I knew I'd probably get picked up afterwards. I've been working really hard and I had a great Pro Day, so I was expected to get picked up pretty soon. I wasn't that shocked, but the fact that it happened is a dream come true."

AC: Once the draft ends there's a frenzy for signing. What other teams got in touch with you?

Broomfield: "We had Detroit, Tennessee, Chicago and Cleveland, those were the teams that were really talking and calling up, but Buffalo was the team we went with."

AC: Why the Bills?

Broomfield: "They were the first ones to call and give me the opportunity. The way their roster set up, they're gonna give me I think the best chance to make the 53-man roster via special teams. They really seemed like they showed the most interest of helping me get on that roster. That's the most important thing."

AC: So what's the next step, headed to minicamp?

Broomfield: "I'm headed to Buffalo for minicamp and OTAs. They sent out a memo to all the rookies and told us to pack for a month so I'll be up there until the end of June."

AC: Are you on leave at Ohio Wesleyan?

Broomfield: "Yeah, they knew when they hired me what the situation was. They're supporting me. Don't know exactly what'll end up happening but as of right now they're supporting me and wishing me the best."

AC: The season ends, you graduate, you get a job in January, quicker then most grads and now you're off to Buffalo. What's this semester been like?

Broomfield: "It's been all over the place, man. I was in Iowa working out until Pro Day. Before then I had the All-Star game and the NCAA coaching convention back in January. Then after Pro Day, I went straight up to Ohio Wesleyan. Did their spring ball, worked out and then I stopped back in Iowa, picked my girlfriend up and watched the draft. That's pretty much it, man. Back and forth and have had a lot of things but it's been really fun."

AC: Once your NFL career ends, whenever it does, will that opportunity to play with the pros help as a coach?

Broomfield: "I think it would look really good on a resumé."

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