Recruits Love JTS Stadium Plans

Iowa State's 2015 recruits would be the first freshman class to open up the renovated Jack Trice Stadium. Many of them provide their thoughts on Monday's south endzone renditions

Iowa State made a splash Monday morning, releasing several impressive sketches of the planned renovation of the south end zone, which will boost Jack Trice Stadium to a capacity of 61,000, third-largest in the Big 12. caught up with many ISU 2015 football recruits throughout the day to get their thoughts.

  • "I didn't think Jack Trice could get any better than it was before!" — commit Bobby McMillen
  • "That is unbelievable. Looks like they will be drawing some pretty incredible crowds in the future," — Flynn Nagel
  • "That looks crazy nice," — Josh Moore.
  • "I love it looks really good, there's a good chance I will be visiting this summer," — Paul Magloire
  • "I saw that Jack Trice will house 61,000 now... On my game day visit if I took away one thing it's that the fan base is huge in Aimes and It would create an even better game day atmosphere. Jack Trice was already a draw for me but playing in front of that many people will Be something to consider in making my decision," — Alec Ingold
  • "Wow that's amazing. That would be great for all the cyclone fans," — Marcel Spears
  • "That is beautiful, makes me think even harder about playing there," — Michael Daniel
  • "That's crazy!! Looks like it's gonna be loud!!" — Riley Nicholson
  • "That's crazy, now I'll be able to look up and see if anyone's gonna catch me while running in for the conference winning 50 yd TD, haha," — Sage Attwood
  • "A raise in stadium capacity is always a good thing because it means more fans, and more fans makes for happier players, so it's a positive change for sure," — Jordon Williams
  • "Love it!" — Claude George
  • "I think it looks great. I'm really excited about itT I saw a lot of views of it on twitter. I'm just really impressed with all of ISU's new facilities and how they continue to improve," — Julian Good-Jones
  • "I'm excited about the stadium. The louder the better," — Antoine Albert
  • "That would be pretty cool they would definitely be able to fill a bigger stadium," — Adam Lemke-Bell

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