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Sage Attwood has emerged as a potential quarterback target for Iowa State, the displaced Cleveland native citing the newest Browns QB as his on-field role model. In the meantime, Attwood has crafted a website to make sure his recruitment keeps warm

Truth be told, Sage Attwood doesn't need the recruiting help as he enters his third season as starting quarterback for Ida S. Baker (FL) High. He broke six school records as a sophomore and was a second-team 6A All-State player as a junior, guiding the Bulldogs to their best ever record.

Attwood runs the 40-yard-dash in 4.73 seconds, gets good grades -- GPA of 4.12 this spring -- and has an endearing boldness about him, the chip on his shoulder shared by all 6-foot-1 quarterbacks. Said Attwood about a new scoreboard at Iowa State's Jack Trice Stadium: "[I'd] be able to look up and see if anyone's gonna catch me while running in for the conference-winning, 50-yard TD. Haha."

So when Attwood and his older brother, Reece, paid $5 for the domain name SageAttwood.com via Homestead, the website creator which has as its motto "Get a Site. Get Found. Get Customers," and printed stacks of business cards, it was for the purpose of expediency and transparency. It was not, as Homestead would say, some last-ditch effort to Get Found.

Need to know about Attwood's footwork? You can watch him run through cones and step through ladders. Need to see his arm slot, his pocket mechanics, his posture? There's 2 minutes, 30 seconds of passing workouts. Need to see him play, to track his progression from freshman to junior seasons? All the highlights are there.

Shoot, craving more variety? Attwood's included video of him pinning a rival in wrestling.

It's all there. Comprehensive report cards, test scores, contact info, news feed, mission statement -- "In the near future, I plan to play quarterback for a Division 1 college," Attwood writes.

"I just want [coaches] to know I'm well-organized, I'm not hiding anything," Attwood told AllCyclones.com this week. "Basically, anything they want to see about me they can find there."

Iowa State, one of many schools interested in Attwood (Wake Forest, Navy and FIU have offered), sent coach Shane Burnham by Baker in early May. Burnham left with a business card and, Attwood hopes, something extra.

Attwood Profile

"With a website and the business card, coaches are very impressed," Attwood said. "That's what you want. They're all saying, 'Wow, I've never seen this before.' You really need something for them to remember you by other than your ability at practice."

A glance at Attwood's tape reveals the following: He is, quite obviously, left-handed. He's not tall but has a firm, athletic build, an Army of quick-twitch muscles stuffed into a 192-pound body. He looks like a natural, improvising inside and outside the pocket, extending some plays that should've been over two seconds ago.

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As a junior in 2013, Attwood completed 60 percent of his passes (175-for-291) for 2,200 yards and 17 touchdowns, along with seven interceptions. That rounds out to an average gain of 7.56 yards per every passing attempt, which underscores Attwood's efficiency. He's the same way as a runner: 5.71 yards a pop and 10 touchdowns.

The turnover rate is something to watch with Attwood, a facet he knows must be improved. In his two seasons as a starting quarterback he's thrown 15 interceptions, to 34 touchdowns, and has fumbled 11 times, losing four.

Good with the bad, though.

Maybe it's because Attwood, a native of Cleveland, has the Browns on his mind, but he's quick to offer a personal comp.

"Do you know Johnny Manziel?" he says sheepishly. "He's quick out there. I believe I'm just like him with how I'm able to move around. I can also look downfield like [Manziel] can. Even though he's 5-foot-11, 6-foot, he can look way downfield and find a receiver."

As far as Iowa State is concerned, Attwood's an intriguing fit for Mark Mangino's system, which remains mostly a system but will be quick-tempo and require mobility from the quarterback.

Before Mangino arrived in Ames this winter, he knew of Attwood. The quarterback is a camp nut -- he once played at the Army All-American Youth Bowl in San Antonio -- and threw in front of Mangino at Youngstown State while on a visit to see family in Ohio.

The Cyclones are looking at Attwood as a quarterback, though many others see him potentially as a receiver, which isn't an issue.

"Ever since I was a kid I've played running back, linebacker, safety," Attwood said. "I'm a quarterback now, but I'd love to play any [position] a college needs me to play."

Iowa State has one offer out to a 2015 quarterback, four-star Joey Burrow. If the Cyclones end up pulling the trigger on Attwood, they'd have a rare recruiting advantage over southern schools.

"I'm from the north," he said with a laugh, "so I like all the cold weather."

This tidbit, surprisingly, cannot be found on SageAttwood.com.

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