Fuller With ISU Offer

JUCO cornerback Josh Fuller hopes he'll be happier at Scottsdale C.C. — and that more BCS offers follow. Iowa State has already jumped in on Fuller, who's given South Alabama a soft pledge

It's a time of transition for Josh Fuller, a JUCO cornerback who's transferring from Arizona Western to Scottsdale Community College this summer and hopes the move will result in more big-time interest.

"They were talking down on my recruiting," Fuller told AllCyclones.com as to his reason for leaving Arizona Western. "That I was selfish and bigger than the team but in reality I really just stayed to myself and did my job; most I [did] was miss weights a few times."


Fuller committed to South Alabama this spring but that should be classified as a "soft" pledge.

"Honestly, right now I'm not [solid with South Alabama]," he said. "At one point I was."

Iowa State has offered Fuller and is aware of his situation with Arizona Western and Scottsdale.

The 6-foot Fuller, who played his high school ball at Langston Hughes High in Fairburn, Georgia, has ISU graduate assistant Shane Dowty as his lead recruiter. They've been in contact much of the past month, Fuller says.

"They're in a passing conference and run the defense I like," Fuller said.

Fuller said he will take "a couple" of his allotted five visits and is staying patient for more BCS offers.

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