Magloire excited about commitment

Paul Magloire committed to Arizona on Thursday. Read on to see why he made the decision and more.

Arizona Western Community College 2015 defensive back Paul Magloire committed to Arizona on Thursday and says it was a combination of factors that led to his decision.

"There wasn't any one thing that sold me on Arizona being the best place for me, really just a combination of things," Magloire said. "Coach Rodriguez is really as good as it gets and what he's doing there is great.

"He really went out of his way to make sure that we all had a good time. He said he loved how I played and that they want me to come in and be ready to compete."

Arizona is getting an instinctive player who has really elevated his game over the past couple seasons.

"I've always been a good player and the game has come easy for me, but ever since I got to Arizona Western my game took off in a lot of different ways," Magloire said.

"First, physically I got much stronger. I found out what it was to work hard in the weights and it just helped me with my confidence to make plays all over the field.

"I'm to the point now where instead of reacting to everything I‘m feeling out where the play is going to go and I'm doing a good job of snuffing all that stuff out. Plus I'm stronger and quicker than I've ever been, so taking on blockers is a lot easier for me."

Before arriving at the University of Arizona, Magloire wants to finish his junior college career off on a high note.

"We have a ton of talent here and a bunch of guys who are going to play D-I, including guys that Arizona wants," Magloire said. "We want to destroy everyone in our path before I get to Arizona."

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