Cyclones in Future Plans for Vaccaro-Dixon?

The Cyclones might be visited this month at camp by rangy Florida safety Malik Vaccaro-Dixon

Iowa State became the 10th offer for Port Charlotte (FL) defensive back Malik Vaccaro-Dixon on Tuesday, the three-star prospect receiving word from Maurice Linguist and head coach Paul Rhoads over the phone. Vaccaro-Dixon, a 6-foot-3, 195-pounder, spoke with shortly after.

AllCyclones: What did Rhoads say when he offered you today?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "He just talked about the program and what it's like, the facilities, what they've done."

AllCyclones: What did they say they like about you?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "They like how I'm rangy and the type of defense I play at my high school is the defense they play, so it'd be an easy transition."

AllCyclones: The 4-3 or specific coverage assignments?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "Both."

AllCyclones: Nearing 6-foot-3, you're getting pretty big for a cornerback. Where does Iowa State like you at?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "They like me at safety."

AllCyclones: I know you'd like to decide before the season starts and might narrow down a top three or five soon. Where are you in your recruitment?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "Iowa State has really caught my eye, also USF, UCF, FIU, UConn and Appalachian State."

AllCyclones: In-state schools then some others further away. Do you and your family have any preference to that?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "No, sir. My family just wants me to make the best education- and football-based decision."

AllCyclones: What's the most important factor for you?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "I'd probably say playing time."

AllCyclones: Do you study the roster for that?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "Yes, sir, and I ask teams about the depth they have at safety and what they're expecting out of me. And I also look it up myself to see how deep they are and what grade level they are."

AllCyclones: What did Iowa State say it'd expect out of you?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "Safety depth isn't as high but nothing's guaranteed and you'd have to work hard for everything."

AllCyclones: Are they trying to get your up for a visit?

Vaccaro-Dixon: "I'm thinking about going up for a camp, I'm thinking about it."

AllCyclones: Paying your own way to camp, that's a good sign for ISU.

Vaccaro-Dixon: "Yes, sir, I'm very interested."

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