Ingold Trying to Prove Himself

Despite a strong camp performance, Bay Port (WI) athlete Alec Ingold left Ames without an offer. Iowa State is evaluating him as a nickelback

Alec Ingold expected to be slinging footballs Saturday.

Instead, the Bay Port (WI) athlete was learning the finer points of fundamental tackling.

"I was supposed to [throw] and after agility they told me I'd be working on defense," Ingold told on Saturday. "They told me I'd have a lot more quarterback stuff and after agility went through they said they needed me on defense."

Ingold has known for some time his best shot to earn a Cyclones scholarship would be as an "athlete," but made the six-hour drive expecting to get a chance to show off his arm.

" I busted my rear end to show the coaches I was hustling"

Even so, he shook off the let down and tried to soak up the skills Wally Burnham was teaching him as ISU gave him a look at SAM linebacker, a position which suggests a future as a nickelback.

"I was disappointed but I came in with an open mind," Ingold said. "You've got to keep your head up. After adversity, you gotta keep moving. It didn't phase me. I tried to do the best I could."

Ingold could be seen playing tackling dummy and tackler and, for the first drills in the discipline since his freshman year, thought he did well.

The Cyclones also lined Ingold up at receiver in 7-on-7 to see how he ran.

"I was a little lost but coach was giving me some instruction, teaching me how to do it and he was just looking for the tools to see what he could work with," Ingold said. "Getting coached up today was really quite a privilege."

The 6-foot, 210-pound Ingold's finest moments came during the agility circuit. He turned in 9-foot broadjumps, impressive for a player of his size, and ran a 4.61 40-yard dash.

In the pro agility drills, designed to measure explosiveness in spurts, Ingold recorded times of 4.25 and 4.26 seconds, among the best in camp.

"I thought I did the best I could. I busted my rear end to show the coaches I was hustling and working hard," Ingold said. "I [hoped] I made an impression."

Air Force, Central Michigan, Illinois State, Miami (OH), NDSU and Northern Illinois have offered Ingold as a quarterback. He threw for 2,182 yards and 23 touchdowns as a junior and rushed for 6.1 yards a carry. Childhood favorite Wisconsin is looking at him as a safety or outside linebacker.

"If the school's the right fit, I can definitely see myself playing somewhere else," Ingold said.

The Cyclones told Ingold they were going to continue to evaluate him. He has camps at Wisconsin and Michigan State scheduled for the summer.

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