Nerness Shines At Kansas State Camp

The top performer at today's Kansas State camp in Kansas City was easily Murray (IA) defensive end Seth Nerness. He walked away with an offer from the Wildcats.

Murray (IA) defensive end Seth Nerness attended Kansas State's satellite camp in Kansas City today and had a terrific day. He was the best looking prospect there and turned in a strong performance.

Nerness definitely looks the part and his motor was on full display. He won nearly all of his reps and got the full attention from the Wildcat staff.

At the end of the day, Nerness walked away with an offer.

"It was sweet," he said. "I like them and it was great to see that the hard work had paid off."

"They said they saw a lot of potential in me," Nerness added. "They want me to help them out. It was great to get that kind of attention."

Nerness has strong feelings about Kansas State.

"They're a highly respectable program with a lot of class," he noted. "They have one of the greatest coaches of all time in Coach Snyder. They asked me to come so I did and god blessed me with an offer. It was a great experience."

He's finished with camps for the summer but has another trip he still wants to take.

"Iowa State has shown me love and they're a good program," Nerness mentioned. "I really like Coach Eggen. I talk to them every week and I'll be visiting them on June 21."

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