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Catch up on Iowa State's football recruiting with the Cyclones hot board, staff's best guess on targeted prospects and ISU's chances

Who's Iowa State targeting at defensive tackle? Where do the Cyclones stand with him? What about safety? Nickelback? Slot receiver? Interior lineman?

Your questions have been answered.

Take me to the hot board, I'm a subscriber relaunched its Iowa State football recruiting hot board for the 2015 class and tweaked it. Specific positions such as all-purpose back, inside receiver, interior lineman and nickelback have been added to the board to help subscribers better understand where each prospect fits in ISU's grand scheme of thing. There are now a total of 14 positions on the board.

There are 42 uncommitted prospects listed, which does not include players the Cyclones offered and committed elsewhere, an important board feature to see where ISU has hit and where it missed.

Alongside most every player is a heat index: Committed, Hot, Warm, Cool or Cold. Some players, like Michael Jacobson, are "hot," meaning they have a 50 percent chance or better of committing to ISU. Some, like Marcel Spears, are "warm." Let's see what happens with them, but the Cyclones are in the mix. Others, like Illinois offensive tackle Jack Shutack, are "cool." It's not over yet but for those guys but ISU has an uphill battle.

The board is updated constantly to include new prospects and change heat indexes.

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