Q-a-Day: Bundrage & Bibbs Production?

In today's installment, we predict the combined production for Quenton Bundrage and E.J. Bibbs in 2014

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Thanks for the question, Ryan. Let's do the math.

In 2013, Bundrage, caught 48 passes for 676 yards nine scores while Bibbs added 462 yards and two touchdowns on 39 receptions. Bibbs has a goal of 70 receptions this year, though I think 60 is a more realistic number (even if it's still very high), and at 11.85 yards per reception, times 60, that's 711 yards. Give me five touchdowns for Bibbs. With the infusion of D'Vario Montgomery and Allen Lazard, I don't think Bundrage catches more than 50 passes and I don't think his average will stand to be as high as 14. I'll knock that down to 10, because he might be running shorter, flanker-esque routes with Montgomery figuring in as the split end, and that gives him 500 yards. Give me seven touchdowns for Bundrage.

Our totals: 1,211 yards and 12 touchdowns between the two. That's my guess at least.


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