Meeker Returns to Ames

Bryce Meeker talks his budding relationship with Brandon Blaney, his convincing in-state buddy Julian Good-Jones to join the recruiting class and what he's working on with his senior year around the corner

The connection between 2015 commits Bryce Meeker and Julian Good-Jones began on a basketball court, but it will be on a football field where that continuity will build.

“Things came [together] that we were both pretty good at football,” Meeker told

Meeker, a three-star offensive lineman out of Cedar Rapids Prairie, was the second commit for the Cyclones’ 2015 class when he accepted an offer in early June after a strong camp showing. It didn’t take Meeker long to use his connection and reach out to fellow offensive lineman and Cedar Rapids native, Good-Jones, a three-star out of George Washington.

“I texted him and said, ‘I committed. Iowa State is your biggest offer, you should commit and we could start recruiting other kids,’” Meeker said. “I think we’re putting together a pretty good recruiting class right now.”

Along the lines of Good-Jones, who would listen to Meeker and commit July 25, and a handful of other 2015 commits, Meeker is planning to make his official visit to Ames on Oct. 11 when the Cyclones take on Toledo. Iowa State’s 2015 class, which currently includes 10 commits, is ranked No. 73 nationally.

After having one lone Iowa commit in last year’s class, Meeker and Good-Jones are two of four Iowans who have already committed for 2015. The two offensive linemen are joined by defensive ends Anthony Nelson (Waukee) and Seth Nerness, who has relocated to North Carolina to play his senior season.

“We [Iowans] came to their camps the last couple years, we’ve performed, we’ve done everything they want us to,” Meeker said of the influx. “They ultimately gave us the opportunity to come play and I think a thing about Iowa kids is, if they’re given an opportunity, they’re going to take it and do the most with it. I think that’s what Iowa State sees in the four people that they’re recruiting.”

What Meeker saw in Iowa State was profound interest and a coach that interested him. Following the exit of Chris Klenakis to Louisville during the offseason, Meeker was impressed with newcomer Brandon Blaney, who spent the last three years in the NFL with Jacksonville.

“I love the coaching staff there,” Meeker said. “Blaney, he’s a great guy — high-intensity, everything I like in a coach. It was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.”

The 6-foot-5, 295-pound interior lineman hopes to attend as many of the Cyclones’ home games as possible this season, carpooling with Good-Jones to many. Also on the docket is to add more muscle ahead of his arrival to Iowa State.

“I feel like in the weight room I could get a little bit bigger before I go in there,” Meeker said. “Once I get in there I know I’m going to gain muscle, gain weight, gain everything, so I’m not really worried about putting on too much weight, but I’m just going to try putting on some more muscle.”

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