VIDEO: Coordinators Dissect NDSU

As the season-opener fast approaches, Iowa State coordinators Mark Mangino and Wally Burnham have broken down an abundance of film. Find out what challenges they say North Dakota State poses

North Dakota State will roll into Ames this weekend with a solid game plan of what it would like to do against Iowa State.

Iowa State defensive coordinator Wally Burnham knows the Bison will use most of the 40 seconds from each dead ball to the snap and will force his defense to stop the running game. Offensive coordinator Mark Mangino is familiar with the threats that the NDSU defense poses after he watched the Bison from the Youngstown State sideline just last season.

What other challenges will Iowa State face? Burnham and Mangino share the keys to success in Week 1.

Defense: Wally Burnham

Offense: Mark Mangino

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